AW Screw Precision Components has been machining turned parts for Western Canada and beyond since 1979.  That was also the year that Bernie St. James started manufacturing metal parts for precision tools.  His company now ships tools world wide.  With a passion for Swiss Style machining, Bernie jumped at the chance to buy what remained of AW in 2007, and brought the latest technology to the company.

Not just a job shop that comes and goes, AW has the security provided by ongoing precision components manufacturing for its parent tool company, which accounts for about 50% of the company’s production.

Others benefit from the St. James family obsession with the latest technology and passion for producing the perfect part, as AW makes its technology and expertise available to machine shops, companies, engineers, inventors and others who need precision CNC Swiss machined components.

Ryan St. James continues the family tradition of making great parts with the coolest machines in the world. Since high school, Ryan has been fascinated by machines.  With a talent for cutting moves and massaging programs to get maximum production efficiency, Ryan is key to the excellent quality yet cost effective work flow that AW has achieved.  Extremely resourceful, with a talent for design, Ryan has the technical skill and creative ability to bring ideas from concept to production.